I wrote this handy guide for brides and grooms, but if you're a baker or cake decorator, there's relevant info in here for you too!

🌼 prompts for before + during cake tasting
🌼 reference your wedding colors + design theme
🌼 curate all the cake details
🌼 all the essential information at your fingertips
🌼 your baker (and your planner!) will be thanking you for being so organized and efficient!

I've been a sugar artist professionally since 2010 and I know a lot about what is (and isn't) important to discuss during a wedding cake consultation.

Plus, my own experience as a bride shaped this workbook and this is the knowledge I share with friends when they get engaged!.

This digital download also includes a coupon code to my store, so you can save $10 if you buy Sugar Flowers from my website!

Order minimum is $75 to redeem the coupon.

If you have any questions, I'm always happy to help! Thanks xoxo,